Wedding ring French white gold 3 gr UnoAErre FFU030BB


Wedding band UnoAErre
Collection: French shoes
Material: 18kt White Gold
Width: 2.3 mm
Weight: 3 grams
Free engraving of name and date
All our faiths are delivered complete with warranty and packaging.

Classic, simple and elegant, the UnoAErre wedding ring is a perfect circle, made in this way to never interrupt. The rings are not soldered, they all come from a single fusion, without impurities.


The wedding ring is a perfect circle and it’s made so that it never stops. It has a symbolic and timeless value, unique and infinite as the love of a married couple. The collection of Unoaerre wedding rings is inspired by love: the rings have no welds, they all come from a single fusion, without impurities, like the sincere love of a married couple. In addition, all the wedding rings have above-average hardness and wear resistance. Thus, gold, which is naturally ductile and malleable, is combined with other metals to produce particularly resistant alloys, which are destined to last a lifetime.

Why buy from us?

  • We are the cheapest because we sell according to the gold formula! Real price of pure gold per gram + 12,00€/gr
  • We are Factory and Outlet. With us you will find always discounted UNOAERRE faiths
  • Do you find a lower price around? …even if it is difficult for this to happen (be very careful about the quality / weight of faith. Sometimes you think you spend less but maybe you’re buying a jewel not “full” and therefore more fragile), if it’s the same faith or the same jewel, we’ll give you an additional 5% discount
  • engraving name and date free of charge
  • …and plus, for 5 years, you have FREE cleaning and polishing service! A sort of 5 year warranty that gives the customer the right, once a year, to free cleaning and polishing, to make the wedding rings come back like new. In the case of white gold wedding rings, the rhodium-plating will have a symbolic cost of 5 euros per wedding ring.

Buy conveniently online! You are not from Milan and you want to try the faith on your finger before buying it online? Go to any shop, find out your size and then order in our shop! Easy and convenient!

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