Solitaire ring 0,16 carats


Solitaire ring in 18 kt white gold with natural diamond 0,16 ct colour F, purity SI1. Usually available in 15 working days, do not hesitate to call for more details.

We have a wide range of solitary rings in 18 kt white gold with stones from 0,10 carats to about 0,50-0,60 carats, which we consider to be “first price”; the quality of the mounted gemstones guarantees a good yield in aesthetic terms, at a very competitive price. We select material with colour F and purity SI1, therefore with inclusions visible with a 10x lens but with an excellent degree of colour, which is the characteristic that can be observed by the naked eye. Clearly, we can also offer superior quality, D-E-F colours with IF-VVS1/2 purities, with or without an international warranty certificate, at prices well below the normal sales network.


Jandelli Oreficierie is one of the first jewellery stores in Milan. We are also manufacturers with trademark MI292. This jewel is of our production.

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