Rosé silver leaf pendant


Rosé 925 sterling silver leaf pendant with very high precision workmanship and entirely Made in Italy. For yourself or for a nice gift idea. Shipped with packaging and warranty.


Grimani Gioielli è un’azienda vicentina produttrice di bigiotteria che utilizza macchinari di alta precisione. In particular, the diamonds in her spheres, which make up necklaces, bracelets rings, pendants and earrings, are made using numerically controlled tools that ensure unparalleled accuracy of detail. Other products see the light of day through 3-D prototyping that surpasses investment casting in precision: this process makes it possible to create objects similar to the watermark of yesteryear but with a perfection of detail even through a 10-magnification lens that is absolutely unparalleled. Where one is looking for a wearable item that is sought after, with attention to detail and exclusive because it is not as widespread as many Brands now visible in every mall, Grimani is an exceptional alternative.

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