Silver necklace with fixed central and butterfly pendant


Collection: Songa
Gender: Woman
Length: 40 cm
925 sterling silver necklace with butterfly pendant and stones in fixed center position. Very beautiful.
The choker is shipped in beautiful packaging. Shop online with confidence: we at Jandelli’s are one of Milan’s premier jewelry factories and select only quality products for you.


6Songa is a brand that tells an all-Italian story, born in the heart of Milan in 1935. Over the years, it has consolidated its presence in both domestic and international markets, operating with extreme efficiency and professionalism. Thanks to a careful analysis of the continuous evolution of the market, Songa has succeeded over the years in meeting the demands of an increasingly demanding clientele by offering a wide range of items selected by an attentive and qualified team. The assortment ranges from goldsmithing and jewelry to silver and steel products.

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