UNOAERRE classic wedding bands come in a linear, constant and perfect form: without beginning and without end, forever. What color of gold you choose matters little: Unoaerre’s classic wedding bands know no fads, trends or time. They look good with all looks and on everything. Those in yellow gold are certainly more traditional, those in white gold are considered more “chic” and those in rose gold more vibrant. Then there are gold color mixes for more sporty and creative brides and grooms!

Why purchase from us?

  • We are the most affordable because we sell according to the gold formula! Real price of pure gold per gram + 19.00€/gr
  • We are factory and outlet. With us you will find UNOAERRE wedding rings always discounted
  • Find a lower price around? …although this is unlikely to happen (be very careful about the quality/weight of the ring. Sometimes you think you are spending less but you are buying a jewel that is not “full” and therefore more fragile), if it is the same ring or the same jewel, we will give you an additional 5% discount.
  • free name and date engraving
  • …plus, for 5 years, you get FREE cleaning and polishing service! A kind of guarantee valid for 5 years, which entitles the customer, once a year, to free cleaning and polishing, to make the wedding rings as good as new again

Buy easily online! Are you not from Milan and want to try on your wedding ring before buying it online? Go to any shop, find out your size and then order in our shop! Easy and convenient!

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