18 kt gold necklace with white, yellow and pink gold inserts


Collier in 18 kt gold with inserts in white, yellow and pink gold. Lightweight, you wear it with everything, elegant and fashionable. Made entirely in Italy. The necklace is shipped with packaging and warranty.

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Jandelli Oreficerie has been operating in the sector for more than 50 years under the MI292 trademark assigned to it by the Milan Trademark Office. For many years we have been selling our products, as well as jewellery and goldsmith’s items from other factories and artisans, directly to the public, at extremely competitive prices. A sort of goldsmith’s OUTLET where you can find the quality of the great brands with models that are always up-to-date, not just the old fashioned ones: silverware by prestigious brands such as Casa Reale, Camilletti, Velenti, Bagutta, De Marco, the most “trendy” costume jewellery by Byblos, Neramarena, Osa Gioielli, Artlinea and GoGo.

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