A long history, which began over 65 years ago…

Jandelli Oreficerie has been operating in the industry for more than 50 years under the MI292 mark awarded to it by the Milan Office of Identification Marks. For many years, we have been selling our products, as well as jewelry and gold jewelry from other factories and artisans, directly to the public at extremely competitive prices. Here you can find Unoaerre, Artlinea and AnteoGioielli products, for example, all at discounted prices.

Our showroom deliberately wants to look like a factory outlet and not like boutiques that almost always charge prices unaffordable to most. A sort of goldsmith’s OUTLET where you can find the quality of the big names with models that are always up-to-date, not those that have gone out of fashion, but not only: silverware by prestigious brands such as Casa Reale, Camilletti, Valenti, Bagutta, De Marco, the trendiest costume jewellery by Byblos, Osa Gioielli, Artlinea and GoGo. But that’s not all: the Philip Watch collection, as well as a huge selection of favours for every occasion with significant discounts for guaranteed savings.

Are you a trader or shopkeeper?

Jandelli produces top-quality gold and jewellery by working with wholesalers and retailers throughout the country. Not only that, but trading in precious stones has always been one of our company’s main activities: rough and cut diamonds are selected with great care in our workshop and distributed to numerous diamond traders who use our expertise to offer ever better products.

The savings formula

Thanks to our manufacturing base, but also to close contacts with external suppliers, we are able to charge prices well below the average. In fact, there is no official goldsmiths’ price list, so the percentage discount on gold is not easily identifiable, but following extensive market research, we have found that our prices are lower than the market by 15-20 euro per gram. This translates into actual savings of around 30%. To confirm this, we sell jewellery from around €90.00 per gram! On our own jewellery, the savings we guarantee are 50%. In addition, for all decoration, furnishing and gift ideas, the guaranteed discount is always 20%.

Passion and experience

A passion, that of jewellery and precious stones, which the Jandelli family has been carrying on for generations. Having more than 50 years of experience allows us to immediately understand the product you are looking for, to be able to give you the best advice and to have in our shop, which we also like to call a factory, always the trendiest or most desirable products for every type of customer: we cater for every taste and every budget!
Also in the B2B sector, experience helps us to conclude lasting and effective agreements. Becoming our dealer means quality and competitive products.

Best price, always

We are a factory, a jewellery outlet and, loving our work, our first goal is to satisfy our customers. We are known for selling quality products at the lowest possible prices. Our margin is minimal but we, being able to count on a large and loyal customer base, are happy as we are! Here, you will find both our own products and those of big brands such as Unoaerre or Artlinea at a discount. Many of our customers already know what to buy. Maybe they have already tried it in the shop next door … but then they buy from our shop or in our shop because the same thing is always cheaper there!

Large assortment

Jewellery, wedding rings, costume jewellery, clocks, silver frames and much more to decorate and embellish your home. Among the silverware we offer prestigious brands such as Casa Reale, Camilletti, Velenti, Bagutta, De Marco. As costume jewellery we offer brands such as Osa Jewellery, Artlinea and GoGo. In addition, the complete collection of Philip Watch watches and a huge selection of favours for every occasion. There are also many decorative items for your child’s home or bedroom. For you or for your gifts you will therefore find many ideas and everything at the best market price!

With Jandelli you save always and for real


Same quality, colour and purity but much lower price! Savings from € 144 up to € 1,645

All our services

The quality of our service does not stop when you leave our shop. We are always at your disposal for any needs. These are some of the services we offer:

  • Accurate gold and jewellery repairs at factory prices
  • Metering of everything you buy (with return of the money relative to the weight of the gold that is eventually removed)
  • Trading in your diamonds
  • Mounting on gold of any stone
  • Work on commission
  • Silvering your aged objects. They will be as good as new!
  • we evaluate your old gold and advise you where you can resell it
  • We carry out appraisals, valuations, opening safes, estimates, always with the utmost seriousness and precision

Want a customised piece of jewellery?

Our workshop makes any type of jewellery to your design or specifications. In the shop you will find very experienced staff with whom you can bring your customised jewellery to life.

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