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It is now established practice that many jewellers, especially those belonging to the so-called ‘chains’, present in the most famous shopping centres, but also shops on the street, display goods in their windows with a sign next to them indicating clearly that they are gold items … but it is not clear and legible that they are 375/1000 gold. It is important to know that 375 or 9 karat gold contains exactly half as much gold as 18 karat or 750/1000; in theory it should cost about 50% less, when compared to 18 karat gold.
The sales staff in these shops rarely explain this precisely to the customer, even if the word 375 appears in the guarantee issued to the purchaser as well as in the obligatory stamp on the object itself; unfortunately, the public is generally unaware of the meaning of ‘375 gold’, and therefore buys or risks buying in a totally uninformed manner.
Jandelli Oreficerie srl produces and sells gold with a 750/1000 or 18 kt title, which is the type of gold that has always been used and sold in Italy.

Care should also be taken with gemstones, especially very low-priced diamonds because they are synthetic and should be reported in the following ways:

– LAB GROWN: grown, created in the laboratory

HPHT: “High Pressure High Temperature

CVD: Chemical Vapor Deposition

These are examples of artificially created diamonds, whereas ‘real’ diamonds must or should be marked as follows: NATURAL, UNTREATED DIAMONDS

The same applies to coloured gems such as sapphires (blue), emeralds (green) and rubies (red), which should be classified as such:

E C 1-2: Eye Clean (clean to the eye)

V I 1-2: Visible Inclusions (visible inclusions)

I: Inclusioni (inclusioni)

Those stones that can be admired in many shop windows, especially at shopping centres, magnificent, shining, bright, brilliant, without inclusions, with clear, almost ‘candy-like’ colours, are not coloured glass but almost always ‘recrystallised’ stones, i.e. SYNTHETIC or MANIPULATED. That is why they are cheap, in fact they are worth a few tens of euros compared to a few hundred if not thousands of euros for natural, if untreated, ones. As with diamonds, coloured gemstones must or should be marked ‘NATURAL and UNTREATED ruby, sapphire, emerald. We believe that you would not give your partner or companion a bouquet of garish but fake or artificially coloured flowers. The Jandelli company will never make you look bad!


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